The Hills | Swiss Alps Couples Session


While in Switzerland we had so much fun meeting up with our friends, Abi and Briton, for a dreamy couples session in the Swiss Alps. This corner of the world is my absolute favorite and it was incredible to have these two lovebirds in front of the camera surrounded by all of its beauty.

We ran around Interlaken before heading for the Swiss Alps to see all the best wildflowers + mountainscapes Switzerland could show us. It was nothing short of a dream. We shot this session midday so I also was able to play around with lighting more than usual which is my absolute favorite- as you scroll through I’ll talk to you a bit about my settings! If you want to learn more about shooting in harsh light you can find my workshop here. Read more below!

Starting in the city we were in fairly consistent lighting so I shot everything at 2.8 with my shutter between 320-500, ISO always at 100!

Once we started in harsh light I shot at 3.2 1/4000, then at 4.0 and 1/2000 for the second two.

We had some nice even light on this cutie little corner in Interlaken so I shot at 2.8 between 1/400-1/640 depending on how close they were to the lighting “source”.

After shooting in the city we headed to a gorgeous field surrounded by the Swiss Alps. These photos were shot with extremely bright and overhead lighting!

The further away shots were shot on a mix of my 50mm and 24mm, at 2.8 between 1/2000 and 1/2500. The close ups were shot on my 50mm at 2.8 and 1/1600.

For the next images I wanted a more direct and harsh light look to highlight the Swiss Alps and give a mooder feel- these were shot on my 24mm at 3.5 1/4000.

For the next few images I really wanted to experiment with higher apertures so in turn my shutter speed began to come down significantly. The first image was shot on a 24 at f/3.5 1/4000, then following images f/16 and 1/250. The last three images were all on my 50mm.

Hope you love this Couples Session in the Swiss Alps as much as I do! Have any questions on how I photographed them? Leave them below!