Showit templates for wedding photographers

The Garden: A romantic ShowIt Template for Wedding Photographers

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Welcome to our minimalist and romantic design - The Garden. Perfect for Wedding Photographers wanting a classic yet modern design to feature their high end work.

Fully Extensible and Customizable
Integrated Blogging Platform
SEO-Friendly Structure
Social Media Sharing Buttons

If you're a wedding photographer, The Garden is more than just another ShowIt template. It's a canvas designed to showcase your unique artistry, making it one of the best ShowIt templates for wedding photographers.

Adam and Steve: A ShowIt Template Designed for Modern and bold Wedding Photographers

Adam and Steve is our bold and modern design for the wedding photographer wanting to stand out from the crowd. You know how we know you'll love it? Because you're scrolling a version of it now! Our very own site is based off of the Adam and Steve Template.

This template features all the perks of the Garden, but with a more modern and editorial approach to displaying your work.

The Adam and Steve is the perfect ShowIt Template for boundary pushing photographer ready to stand out from the competition.

purchase for $444


purchase for $444





Due to the digital nature of the product, no template is refundable. However, if you're having any issues installing, never hesitate to reach out to our team at!

Do you offer refunds?

No hidden costs here! You pay a one-time fee for the template, and it's yours to keep and customize as you see fit. The only other "cost" will be your ShowIt subscription.

Are there any additional fees after purchasing the template?

Absolutely. Both "The Garden" and "Adam and Steve" are fully mobile-responsive, ensuring that your portfolio looks stunning on every device. Say goodbye to begging your audience to view on desktop!

What about mobile responsiveness? Do the templates adapt to different screen sizes?

Great question! The templates are designed to let your art shine. While we provide placeholder images, you'll need to update each of the images with images you own.

Do these templates come with stock images or do I use my own?

Yes, you can! Both templates come with an integrated blogging platform, perfect for sharing those behind-the-lens stories and professional insights. We highly recommend using the blog in order to keep up your SEO!

Can I integrate a blog into these templates?

Absolutely, babes! Both "The Garden" and "Adam and Steve" are built to be fully extensible and customizable. You don't have to be a coding wizard to make them uniquely yours. That's one of our favorite parts about ShowIt - it's drag and drop! You'll edit the colors, images, and copywriting. The layout is already secured for you!  If your copy is longer than the generic copy provided, it's easy to move things around to fit your customized work.

Are these templates easy to customize?

It's time to have a website that truly does your art justice. Elevate Your Portfolio with Our Premium ShowIt Templates for Wedding Photographers