"Eden is brilliant. Everything about her workshop was eye opening & I can’t put into words how inspired I felt as I left her workshop. Eden is a visionary genius & learning from her was unlike any workshop I have attended. It was more about our personal voices as an artist rather than fitting the mold of everyone else. WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT. I left feeling super confident & took with me a plethora of useful information." - Reggie


Miss the Eden Strader Workshops in March 2018? Don't worry. Our class was recorded (including live Q + A's from attendees) so that you can attend the workshop virtually (aka, PAJAMAS).

I'm a solid believer that we all have a personal, artistic voice. In the world of Instagram and presets, it's easy to let our voice fade into others. I want to help you find yours. After all, if your work doesn't stand on it's own, if it isn't unique- the only thing separating you from the competition is PRICING.


"One of the biggest things I took away from attending Eden Strader’s workshop is the importance of finding MY OWN VOICE. Instead of replicating or copying another photographer’s art, I need to find what gives me inspiration and make it my own. Eden did an amazing job at pointing me in the right direction on how to find that inspiration and creating something that will be my voice and my vision. She literally made me look at the world differently!

Because of this workshop, which pushed me out of my comfort zone, I am more confident in myself! I was able to realize that I can make art in ANY situation and circumstance. I left the workshop feeling so inspired and excited to start making these changes to my business and the way that I shoot. Investing in this workshop was worth it times a million!" -Kallie



Over an hour of.. 

  • Why it's important to have your own artistic voice.
  • Connecting with your work through your clients and through your vision.
  • Why your ideal client doesn't need to be a specific "demographic".
  • Finding inspiration. 
  • How to connect and find your own vision. 
  • How I use my FIVE "image components" to create Eden Strader images.
  • What you're currently using as "crutches" and what they should be replaced with. 
  • Prompts I give my clients to help my vision. 


All purchases are non-refundable and non-shareable. 



WHAT'S BEING SAID about the workshop..

  • "You're all about finding YOUR voice while still connecting with clients. I feel like everyone pushes finding an "ideal" client and you have opened my mind to make me feel like I could shoot with anyone. Thank you SO much."
  • "I loved what you had to say about seriously everything .. This will really help people step out of their comfort zone and get creative. You said everything you needed to, to get photographers to realize they are being lazy with their "mom shots" and need to stop making excuses for shoots that aren't "their style". I seriously loved it! It made me want to stop making excuses for who my clients should be, and helped me realize that I need to cater more to my clients and discover who they are." -Chelsea
  • "I loved learning about the five components. I realize how much I've been using crutches (in my work). This (was) the best way to boost my creativity!"
  •  "I don’t even know where to begin your workshop literally changed my life. I’ve really been focusing on becoming my best self and not trying to copy or be someone else. I approach each shoot with more confidence and I have loved putting together vision boards on Pinterest. (Your client story) made me realize how special my job is and I’ve really been focusing on capturing who people are!" -Nicole
  • "This workshop changed my art! I was able to learn what was holding me back and HOW to improve. I came home from the workshop energized and ready to make my own art. I have seen improvements in lighting, composition, and overall consistency of my photos. I am so grateful I made the investment in my photography, this workshop has already made a big impact in my work." -Morgan
  • "Eden's workshop was literally a dream come true! I always wanted to attend a workshop but wanted to choose the right one. She shared her heart with us and pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is what I needed! I left feeling like I had all of the tools to step up my game. Since then I feel like I am finding my own unique voice in the photography world. Her workshop was hands down the best workshop! I will forever be grateful" -Tarrin
  • "My biggest take away from the workshop was learning what crutches I kept relying on to make good images, and going beyond those to make great images. Since the workshop, I have gone above and beyond at every session to do more things that are unique, different, and are true to who my couple's are when they are together. Eden taught so many tips, tricks, and has made me really think about who I am when I'm behind my camera creating art. My clients have loved this change, and I can't wait to dig even deeper and develop my style even more!" -Shannon