An online course dedicated to help you overcome your fear of lighting- and use the craziest of light to your advantage.

Do you panic when shooting outside of golden hour?

DON'T WORRY. You're not alone, I did too. First look at three pm? FORGET ABOUT IT. That used to send me into a complete and utter panic- I needed golden hour or overcast skies to complete my images. Flash forward to now, I live for midday lighting. I love harsh lighting. I'm bored at golden hour, and I look for any chance I can to introduce harsh light back into my client's galleries. I want to help you do the same.  



So what's this workshop?

If you fear inconsistent or "different" and harsh lighting - THIS ONE'S FOR YOU.  We'll walk through how I trouble shoot "nasty" lighting, how I pose my couples to gain the best perspective and lighting possible, and how I use my lighting to portray a specific mood and dynamic. We'll cover harsh backlit, direct, and reflector techniques so you're confident in any situation thrown at you!

So why do I need this?

If you're going to be any sort of wedding, event, or portrait photographer, you need to learn how to master lighting. Shooting hours prior to sunset? Great! It's time to create dreamy, creamy, imagery regardless of the lighting you're provided. You shouldn't panic when shooting outside what you've been told is "ideal" lighting time- you should be excited to create unique imagery!