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Hey there! I’m Eden Strader.

In addition to specializing in destination wedding photography, I love helping fellow small business owners and creatives better their business through
a wide variety of education resources.

i can’t wait to work with you!


Ready to take your business to the next level but unsure how? Are you having to outbid the competition in order to succeed?

If your photography does not offer anything unique, the only thing separating you from the competition is pricing. You never want to be the cheaper option.

Artistic One-on-One Coaching is a three-month program of hands-on coaching to revolutionize your photography brand, and overall business, in order to fast-track your business for success.

Artistic Coaching in a group setting involves learning to better your business, style, and photography surrounded by likeminded creatives who are wanting to achieve the same. This group setting offers additional feedback and additional accountability.

This is a three-month program starting on the 1st of the month, giving you a step-by-step program to better your business and hit the goals you’re struggling to meet.

Hourly mentoring for the creative looking for answers to mentor for a few specific issues. Starting with a pre-mentor questionnaire, we will spend the call troubleshooting your pains and creating a plan to better your business!


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