The clients of your dreams are calling


I went from a college student just scraping by to a multiple six figure business owner by doing one thing and doing it really well- building a brand that my ideal clients cannot say no to.

It’s time to make your business EASY. Fun. Simplified. And? A money magnet.

I’ve compiled every tip, trick, tactic, so that you can take the guessing out of your entire business.

Now it’s YOUR turn.


You’re ready to find out exactly who you are and what the vision is, so you can stand out from the competition.

You're ready to align with yourself + your power so you can spend the weekends with your family again, not at the computer scrambling over marketing plans.

You’re ready to have a dedicated audience, so you can sleep soundly knowing they're ready to purchase everything you put out.

You're ready to know exactly how to show up, every day, so you can start spending your mornings drinking Matcha and meditating instead of staring at IG.

You're ready to find out exactly what your magic is, so then you can show up in your business in a way that feels FUN again.

You're ready to have a precise plan to build your brand identity, attract your dream customers, so you can build a community that's waiting in anticipation for what your next move, product, and service will be.

You have a business that sells itself.
You are booking dream client after dream client.
You get to start new hobbies again. You take midday trips to the beach, donuts in hand. You get your mornings back to focus on you instead of how you're going to attract a client today.

You have an amazing relationship with your community because you know exactly how to show up for them over and over again.

They’re as passionate about your business as you are. They’re purchasing. Every product, every time.

Then up next?


They are obsessed.


You’re not seeing tons of sales. There's crickets chirping on every platform you're trying.

You don’t know how to show your audience that your work is as magical as you think it is.
You're receiving emails that say "Sorry we went in another direction" 20x more than you're hearing "It has to be you!"
Your clients aren’t that passionate about your work.. In fact, they’re nit picking.

You feel like there’s so much competition. The industry couldn't possibly get more saturated.

You’re overwhelmed by everything you need to do, say, sell, be in order to start running a profitable business.

You have no sense of what a brand even is, let alone why people need to see it.



Remember how going to work used to feel like Disneyland until you started trying to copy what everyone else was saying would make you "successful"?

If you resonate with any of those things, maybe this sounds familiar..

“I don’t know why my ideal clients aren’t hiring me”

“It’s so hard to make it in an industry this saturated. I don't know how to stand out from the competition.”

“There’s so many things to do in my business.. How am I supposed to do them all?”

“How great would it be if my clients were as obsessed with my work as I am?”

“I'm trying to do all these things to make me successful.. but none of them seem to be working.”

*record scratch* SO..

What if you could have a clear idea of who you are, what you're doing, and how you're changing the world?

Would you like to build a community of people waiting to purchase from you?

What if you knew exactly how + where to show up every single day in order to grow your business?

Would you like your work to come easily to you every day? To be in absolute creative flow?

Would you like to shift your business, brand, and foundation into one that not only brings in a steady cash flow, but feels FUN again?

Would you like to have a clear vision and specific strategy to get your audience to fall in love with you?

Would you like to have clients coming to you saying “it has to be you, because it can’t be anyone else”?

What if you no longer had to worry about the competition because there is no more competition?

No more worrying. No more scrambling. No more convincing people to hire you. It starts today. 

The online course for big hearted entrepreneurs and your new Branding BFF ready to walk you through every single touch point, prompt, and level to a brand that sells for you. 

Because Ideal Clients? They don't buy from businesses. They buy from BRANDS.

I’m giving you every trick, tip, and strategy that brought you to my community in the first place. Hello, inception.

My entire career of strategy, work, and tactics combined into one course- ready to change your business from the ground up.



“I’ve invested thousands of dollars in education and this course is by far one of the best out there. Eden takes the word “brand” and completely flips the way you perceive it in the business world.

Eden’s mastery of branding helps you not only get clear in your business but helps you uncover your truest self through intentional exercises and clear next steps. She is a master in this realm and makes you think about your wants, desires and personality in a completely different way than I’ve ever seen.

This course is perfect for every single business owner and truly is a must have. I can’t recommend it enough. “


After calling all brands anna lee had her first 20k month.. and that wasn't even the best part!

"CALLING ALL BRANDS" WALKS you through every element of building a billion dollar brand, so you have a clear guide on how to revolutionize your business.

Including strategies, prompts, tactics, every juicy piece of information and psychology that’s built my brand into what it is today. 


THIS 30+ module course includes..

-What a brand truly means, beyond logos and aesthetics
-How to bring YOU into your brand to lead it to it’s ultimate success 
-Breaking through mindset blocks, and getting out of your own way
-How to identify your magic
-Three C’s of Branding
-Using our experiences to convert
-Identifying your North Star
-Aligning with your strengths
-Identifying your ideal clients and how to sell to them
-Creating the ultimate branded experience
-How to overcome imposter syndrome
-Nailing your aesthetics to match
-Creating content that converts
-How to use the three S’s of Communication
-Shifting your brand over time
-Building your Brand Bible


Brand Strategist & Educator


Teaching on the process of branding and discovering + utilizing your brand stories for ultimate success.


Copywriter for Creatives

Teaching you the formula to building a Branding Statement that Books!

And access to..

An exclusive online community with other creatives in the course - where we share progress, q's, support, and much more.

Live Brand Reviews so you get realtime feedback on your progress and Brand.

Time to get everything in my arsenal that I’ve used over the last six years to build a brand that sells for itself.

A brand that brings endless joy to you and your audience. A brand that is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.
You ready?

You ready to join the hundreds of creatives revolutionizing their business here at Eden Strader?

Let’s get started.

"I only WISH I would have had this course when I first started my photography business. I had no idea what a brand was and no idea how to figure it out.

This course deep dives into how to figure out a unique brand that resonates with YOU and YOU only, and Eden helps you build it from the ground up. She goes through step by step how to break every aspect down so it's easy to understand and gives plenty of examples to help you start building your own brand.

This is SO important when you own your own business to start working with your ideal clients ASAP and cultivating connection with the clients who are obsessed with you and everything you are. If you are looking for a sign to snag this course, this is it!"


Eden has a magnificent gift for teaching. With this new branding course, Eden is sharing her approach, knowledge, and authority with other creatives in a way that is accessible and inspiring, so that others may learn from her expertise on how to cultivate their own aligned, gorgeous brands (this goes WAY beyond logo and color palette!). She gifts her students the ability to determine exactly what makes them different and distinctive -- you can book your best clients over and over again, add digits to your bottom line, and live the life of your dreams. Her approach is captivating in its simplicity and authenticity, and she gives you permission for you to be yourself.

Setting yourself apart in the wedding industry can be a real challenge because, at a basic level, we are all offering very similar services to one another. But Eden shows how to harness the power of YOU and makes it possible to stand out from competitors. I waited far too long to curate a brand authentic to ME -- I'm so thankful to have the blueprints from Eden, and watching dream clients roll in is the best reward!

Even as a nearly 10-year veteran of the wedding industry, I learned so much from Eden’s branding course. I’ve always struggled with understanding how to classify an ideal client and how to properly market my services so that they understand exactly how my offer is better and different from someone else's.

 The way that Eden offers a branding framework is unlike anything I’ve encountered before, and it makes it so doable to craft a brand that feels genuine, abundant, and fulfilling.



Is this just for photographers?

Absolutely not. This course is built for any kind of creative, ready to become a powerful name in their industry. 

I’m so overwhelmed by the competition in this industry.. Is there even room for me?

When you hone in on the magic of you, there is no longer any competition. You are your greatest superpower, so we’re going to teach you how to strategically tap into that to obliterate any competition in your sight.

Is this me learning how to have good branding + logos?

YOU + your North Star are the foundation of your brand, aesthetics are just a pillar. In this course we talk all about setting up the foundation of your brand, then getting strategic about the pillars that are built on top. 


See you in there. xx