Eden Strader Photography, For Brides - Choosing session locations and styling that fit you!


Choosing a session location that fits you + your story

Choosing a location for your engagement or bridal session can be incredibly intimidating- and is so important to the look and feel of your images! Making sure your location + styling fits together, as well as your relationship, is essential to creating images you'll love forever. Here is some of our favorite engagement and bridal inspirations to help you as you plan!



One of my favorite looks is a casual outfit paired with a simple and open location. There's always a belief that you should dress up for your session- but that's not always the case! If you're not an incredibly fancy dresser day to day, why wear something you wouldn't wear in real life? You want your session to feel like YOU, so wear something that helps that. Open locations such as fields and the wide open Saltair are our favorites for casual looks!


If you're shooting in a dramatic and clean location such as the Bonneville Salt Flats  a formal and fun outfit is perfect. I love a pop of print or color when shooting at such clean locations, it's the perfect opportunity to get dressed up with your love while still creating a fun feel to the images! Want to see more of what I suggest wearing for clean locations? Follow Eden Strader Photography over on Pinterest for outfit guides for clean and busy locations! 



It's no secret that adventurous bridals are in style right now. One of my favorite combinations is wide open canyons with flowy bridal looks- make sure your wedding gown fits the scene! If your gown is more boho and free, the canyon is the perfect place to capture your love. 


In home sessions are some of my all time favorites- there's nothing quite like capturing your love where it feels most comfortable. Dress down like you two normally hang out, and get ready to capture your love in such a simple way. I promise they will be images you'll love forever! 



I'm a sucker for a good modern bridal + red rock session. Dramatic desert locations are the perfect combination for more formal and modern wedding gowns. While they're simple in landscape, they're dramatic enough to leave you feeling awe struck during your session and after! You'll never hear a regret for a red rock session. 


Happy planning, loves! 

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