For a business that works harder for you (and not the other way around), you’re in the right place.







Oh hi my guy – I’m Eden. 
Your handy dandy Sag, Enneagram 1,  woo-woo obsessed, paving my own way, business-loving, NYC resident..

And I know what it’s like to feel lost in the sauce (in business and in life).

Now? I’m on a mission to help you step into your power and build the business of your dreams that sustains the life of your design.

Spoiler alert: You have everything it takes to make it happen. The metaphorical compass that’s pointed straight at where you want to go? It’s within you. Together, we’ll make it real.

As a destination wedding photographer, I realized I was on to something when I built a six figure business before my 23rd birthday. When I realized I couldn’t keep my secrets to myself, I became a business coach for relentlessly ambitious creatives just like you. Now?

I’m teaching artsy entrepreneurs to build lives of artistic growth, wealth, and freedom. 

My journey’s been filled with wild failures and even wilder successes–I’ve made the mistakes on the path from a small business owner to a flourishing creative, and I’m determined to help you skip the parts that are guaranteed to dull your shine. 

After the divorce that empowered me to escape a toxic situation, the world seemed spooky. The ground seemed unstable. For years, I was stuck in survival mode–my business was, too. My type A ass has always loved knowing exactly what was going to happen to me, and you can bet that divorce was never part of “the plan." I built the business I did because I had to, but here’s the best part: My business helped me take my power back. My business paved the way to a life I had only dreamed about before–a life where I hold the power. 

The more I heal, the stronger my business becomes. I leave every therapy session as a stronger CEO. The journey to feeling whole again is no freaking joke, but the universe is always finding ways to surprise me–with the exception of one constant: Happiness. Awe at the state of my life. No matter what’s keeping you finding your thriving moment, babes, here’s one thing I know for sure: All of this can be yours and more. Or your next Matcha is on me. 


so let's chat...

There’s a lot of crap out there when it comes to all we’re supposed to do as heartful humans in business, let alone who we should be. 

–You’ve got to work until the wee hours of the morning to show your commitment, because entrepreneurs who make it big don’t rest. 

–You’ve got to water down your brand, your magic, and your unique genius in order to be seen and respected, because a steady stream of clients will always prefer the “safe” choice.

–You’ve got to channel your energy through the “what” of your craft rather than the “why,” because that’s what people are really opening their wallets for. 

–You’ve got to grind, grind, grind until you’ve hit burnout mode. That’s when you’ll know you’ve made it (because everyone resents their job at least a little, right?)

It’s time to pump the brakes on the false beliefs, bb.

Respectfully–that’s all bullshit. And the inexplicable queasiness that comes with telling yourself any one of the line items above? That’s your intuition saying, “Hey–remember me?”  Even your Higher Self knows you deserve better (of course she does). 

And you know what else? You deserve a business where you’re in love with what you do, boo. Better yet–you deserve a business that loves you back. Call me crazy. 

–You deserve to feel empowered and seen in all of your glory, not just as a business owner, but as a human being too. 

–You deserve a business that’s a constant source of joy.

–You deserve to live your dreams regardless of your circumstances. 

–You deserve to build a business that’s different (and make a shit ton of money in the process).

Now that you’ve realized you deserve all of this (and more), the hard part’s over. 

How do you make it happen? 

That’s where I come in..

Here’s what else you deserve

The tour de core values:

We believe in being yourself.

We want you to leave every interaction feeling empowered.

We believe that a beautiful business starts with a beautiful mindset.

We prioritize our mental health so we can pour into our businesses from a full cup, not an empty one.

We celebrate EVERYONE.
We're ending the scarcity mindset, because there's room for everyone at the top.

We believe your success is our success.

We believe in the balance of manifesting our dreams while coming from a place of service– you're important because you're you, not because you're money in the bank.

Around here..

15/10! Eden is AMAZING. I think the really important thing that I pulled from her, besides great technical skills and awesome artistic information, is that it’s not just okay to be different- it’s a necessity. I was holding myself back in my business by trying to follow the trends in photography and not producing work that spoke to me and that I’m personally proud of. Mentoring with her was personalized, hands-on, and she does a wonderful job of tailoring the information to your specific needs. It’s a lovely experience that I could not recommend enough.


How do I even put into words how Eden’s courses have helped me as a photographer - it’s like I gained years of valuable experience literally overnight. I have invested in all of her lighting courses and they have given me sooooo much confidence on wedding days & during shoots. I understand light on a completely different level, and see things that I literally didn’t see or think about before. My work since has been so much more consistent and easier to edit because of these and I am forever grateful!

Also - I would add, I invest in education and am sometimes slightly disappointed. It is literally the opposite with every piece of education I have purchased from (Eden) - I learn so much and have even rewatched and gone back to them they are so good! You have become such a trusted resource for education for me-So keep doing what you are doing!