Now’s the time to become the human and the business owner you’ve dreamed of–and this is where it starts.

This is the year, babe. 

The year you make more money. 
The year you create systems that do the work for you. 
The year you love your life again and get your headspace back (outside of your business).
The year you connect with the clients you’ve dreamed of serving. 
The year those clients open their wallets and pay you the big bucks.
The year you create the life and business of your dreams so you can become the human you’ve always wanted to be. 

But most of all?

This is the year you fall in love with your business again.

And trust me, I know how rough it’s been for you lately–

You’re close to burnout (if you haven’t already run yourself into the ground). You’re spending 99% of your life at work without anything to show for it. You’re hearing the same shit from clients again and again: 

“You’re too expensive for what I can afford.”
“I don’t think we’re a good fit.” 
“I went in another direction.”
Or’re not hearing anything from them at all. *ghost emoji*

The suckiest part of all? You’re hearing from the ones you love, too–and their feedback isn’t much better: 

“You’re always working.”
“You look exhausted. Are you okay?”
“When can we see you again? We miss you!” 
“If you aren’t working this weekend, can we hang out?”

Ugh. Heartache. 

This isn’t why you became your own boss, boo.

This career path was supposed to help you have balance, wealth, and the freedom to blaze your own trail. And I know this isn’t what you pictured. 

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. To hit a wall when you start charging what you’re worth. I know how much it sucks to book clients who don’t appreciate your unique genius, let alone your singular style. And above all, I know the debilitating mess that burnout can bring to your mind, your body, and your business. 

I know because I’ve been in your place before. 

But enough doom and gloom, boo–here’s the good news: 

What if I told you there’s a way to put all of that mess behind you? 
Would you feel empowered to be the boss your business needs to thrive? 
Would you feel confident charging the prices you’re worth? 
Would you feel comfortable turning down clients who weren’t in alignment with the work you’re passionate about creating?
Would you feel like you had the boundaries in place to shut off the computer, silence your inbox, and enjoy being yourself outside of your business for a weekend?
Would you be reminded why you chose this path in the first place? 

Now’s the time to become the human and the business owner you’ve dreamed of becoming–and this is where it starts. 

I'm listening...


Are you one of the six creatives ready to make 2022 the year of you?


Welcome to Becoming, a SIX month program of personalized, hands-on coaching, tailor-made to revolutionize your business + brand and fast track your success in the long run.

It’s time to BECOME the creative that's done making excuses and ready to build the business of their dreams. 
It’s time to BECOME the creative who has systems that sell. 
It’s time to BECOME the creative who books ideal clients with prices that sustain your dream life.
It’s time to BECOME the creative with money, time, and balance.

Sounds dreamy, right? Then read on, bb–because we’re a perfect fit. 



Less stressing at the computer.
Less worrying whether your dream clients will *maybe* see your work.
More aligning. More midday trips to the beach.
More creating. More weekends to be a human.
More connection with clients who don’t blink at your rates.
More systems that serve you.
More becoming the best version of you, boo!

Are you ready to start earning the money your work is worth? 
Are you ready to craft a brand that only YOU can be hired for? 
Are you ready to find your ideal clients and feel aligned while you do it? 
Are you ready to build systems that’ll have your clients singing your praises? 
Are you ready to create a business that works harder for you (and not the other way around?



“Before.. I was struggling with burn out a lot and Covid kind of sucking my soul dry. My business was just tired- and now it feels rejuvenated and refreshed. I left (my) session with confidence and inspiration. I feel like I am putting more of myself into my content and showing my face. .. Learning from (Eden) is such a great joy.”
 -Ashley Benham


Here’s the thing: I know what you want because I’ve been in your shoes before.

Now? I run a multiple six figure business that brings me on a daily basis.

And can I flex my stats for a minute? Because a business like this can be yours, too:

-I’ve consistently grossed six figures in my business since I was 22

-I’ve worked with brands and clients who I love and adore around the globe

-I’ve served hundreds of entrepreneurs with customized solutions to help them build profitable businesses, scale their offerings, raise their prices, and build systems that serve them

-I’ve invested tens of thousands into coaching myself and developing my skills

-I’ve implemented marketing strategies that bring millions of viewers and potential clients to my work every month

-Most of all, I’ve created a business that supports the life of my dreams–and not once has it ever come close to dominating my day-to-day.

I want to help you fast forward to a business like mine – one that supports the life of your design.

Sound good? I want to teach you how to make this your reality. 
It’s what you deserve, bb!


–Initial consultation to gauge where you’re at, personally and professionally (because we’re working on it all!)

–1:1 heart-to-heart: We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how we’re going to get you there. Together, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back from the dreamiest business ever and plan our next steps to break down those barriers.

–Coaching to cultivate a mindset and build a routine to set you up for success in every aspect of your life. Mindset is key–this is the official kickoff of our coaching together!

–One face to face call every month to unpack your personalized action steps as they relate to your goals. This will be our opportunity to create accountability in your progress. Come to our meetings with questions, reflections, and get ready to be supported. 

–Unlimited Marco Polo access during coaching

–A structured game plan to keep you on track for the six months to follow our coaching
–Lifetime access to the online library of Eden Strader Education to work on alongside your coaching

Every coaching program is tailored to the individual business owner- but here's a little of what you can expect from our time together..

Every coaching program is tailored to the individual business owner- but here's a little of what you can expect from our time together..

When it comes to my mindset
 of “always be upleveling,”
I practice what I preach.

It’s mega important to have a coach with a business that’s a few steps ahead of yours. 
Your coach should have personal experience getting their business exactly where you want yours to end up. 

Your coach should have one of their own, too! They should practice what they preach, seek out opportunities to level up themselves and their businesses, and have someone on their side to consult if they don’t have the answer to your question. 

 Hiring a business coach is, hands down, the best investment I continually make in my business. It’s an investment that’s paid for itself again and again and again. 

okay, i need a business coach.





Ready to have a business that lights you up? It's time to build the life of your dreams.

Apply below and let's hop on a call!



Because you’re all the way down here, I know you’re ready to turn your back on the messy parts of your business so you can work to live (and not live to work). 

There’s a few ways you can make it happen: 

–You could spend countless hours on Google searching for the answers to your questions that are way too complex and specific for any search engine to figure out

–You could bounce around from course to coach, podcast to workshop, and drown in a pile of Facebook groups and free resources without getting any tangible takeaways for your unique situation

–You could choose neither of those and figure out your business the old-fashioned way through trial and error (emphasis on the error). How many YEARS will you lose without making any real progress?

The total value of your time, money, energy, and future opportunities? It’s too much to count.

THe investment for
becoming is $7777

–You’ll get hours of personalized advice, attention, and critique–no BS included. If you’re looking for a coach that’s going to give you months and months of flattery, this is not the program for you. Because of that, you’ll leave our partnership better than ever before–improvement is guaranteed.

–Together, we’ll walk you through how to perfect your processes then create new ones that’ll bring you more money (and more time–yaaas)! 

–You’ll have a cheerleader on your team, ready to rally you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stuck. 

What's the investment?

Thanks so much!
I will be in touch soon!


Eden Strader is the photo fairy godmother you always wanted! Let me start by saying that I was skeptical about investing in another photo education course. Soon after making this investment, It became clear that this was what I had been searching for.

Eden wasted no time in helping me carefully dissect every creative roadblock and redesign the blueprints for the business of my dreams. Her level of expertise in this industry was evident as she molded this course to match my individual needs. She cared for the success of my business as if it was her own.

Even though I have some college experience in photography, I sincerely believe that what she taught me in three months would have taken me many years to figure out on my own.

Stop wasting time with other courses and summon your new photo godmother. Your future self will thank you for investing in this.


Can I give 15 out of 10? First, Eden is close to a decade younger than me but she is wise way way beyond her years. I attended Eden's first ever in person workshop in 2017 and it helped launch my business. I took my business full time just 3 months after that workshop. When Eden launched her Artistic Coaching Program in early 2019 I didn't even blink before getting out my credit card and giving her my money.

I was in a place where my business was running pretty smoothly on the backend but I really wanted to focus on improving on my artistic work and I definitely needed accountability and guidance. Eden's program is paced perfectly and she has such grace for delivering constructive feedback that will really push you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible.

She is also so invested in seeing her students succeed - I felt like I had a cheerleader in my corner throughout the entire program. I finally feel like I am creating work that is uniquely mine and I could not have gotten here without Eden.

I have paid for education and mentor sessions with Eden for two years and never, not one time regretted it for one second. Investing in education with her has paid for itself tenfold every time.


"The biggest difference I've seen in my business during the program having a more concise direction has made me feel less overwhelmed and understand that it's the long game and consistency is what leads to growth. I've definitely been able to start reaching more of my target audience! I finally feel EXCITED. READY. LETS GO 2022!"