how to use flash for wedding photography

Are you sick of shooting at 10,000 ISO? 

Over purchasing dozens of lighting set ups and hoping one will work? 

Constantly panicking when there aren't enough windows at the venue?

Done praying that your couples have enough string lights?
Or that the videographer has a strong video light?


Mastering Artificial Light is what is keeping you from building a dream town portfolio that earns you the big bucks. 

Let's change the way you think of lighting forever with our most popular freebie!

No more complicated set ups.
No more YouTubing what gear *might* work.
No more scrambling on your jobs.

Let's get lit. Welcome to the multi-day crash course- jam packed with PDF's, resources, and trainings ready to leave you feeling like a new photographer.


• What Artificial Light is 
• How Artificial Light works - what are the different factors?
• How to use each of these factors for specific looks
• How to adjust your settings for different situations
• What kind of Artificial Light options you have - and which situations to use them in!
• A complete breakdown of all of our gear- and what to buy as a beginner, intermediate, and experienced photographer!
• How to set up all your gear
• How flash settings work
• Watch us shoot an indoor bridal session
• What set up we use for wedding days
• An exclusive discount code for our best selling course

And much, much more.


" Eden makes it so simple to learn off camera flash, even if you have never had any experience with it before. I think this .. is an absolute necessity for every single photographer out there."

"Eden is incredible at teaching complex lighting information in a way that is simple and straightforward. I've only shot two weddings since finishing the course, and my work already improved drastically. Wish this course existed years ago. It would have saved me so many headaches and so much money! Game. Changer. Seriously thank you Eden for creating this class. I've watched it probably about five times already. "

"Who needs the sun when you have this course!"

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