• Do you panic when shooting outside of golden hour?
• DON'T WORRY. You're not alone: I did too. First look at three pm? FORGET ABOUT IT. That used to send me into a complete and utter panic – I needed golden hour or overcast skies to complete my images. Flash forward to now: I live for midday lighting.
• I love harsh lighting. I'm bored at golden hour, and I look for any chance I can to introduce harsh light back into my client's galleries. I want to help you do the same.


Harsh Light Workshops

Online courses dedicated to helping you overcome your fear of lighting and learning how to use the craziest of light to your advantage. We'll walk through how I troubleshoot "nasty" lighting, how I pose my couples to gain the best perspective and lighting possible, and how I use my lighting to portray a specific mood and dynamic. We'll cover harsh backlit, direct, and reflector techniques so you're confident in any situation thrown at you!


If you're going to be any sort of wedding, event, or portrait photographer, you need to learn how to master lighting. Shooting hours prior to sunset? Great! It's time to create dreamy, creamy imagery regardless of the lighting you're provided. You shouldn't panic when shooting outside what you've been told is "ideal" lighting time — you should be excited to create unique imagery!

• Video of harsh light techniques (both back lit and direct light), tips and tricks for shooting in this lighting, and footage of a live shoot to see everything in action

Topics covered:
• Why it’s crucial to master harsh lighting
• How I use harsh light to enhance my portfolio
• Lighting techniques for direct light, harsh back lit, and reflectors
• Footage from a live session — recordings and voiceover to get a feel for posing and controlling your light in action
• How to use lighting techniques to create depth
• How to use reflectors for different situations
• How to avoid pesky and unflattering shadows


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Discusses editing harsh light images in Lightroom (reflector, direct light, harsh back lit, and harsh overhead light through greenery) with a variety of presets.

• Four different images from beginning to end – each with a different style of preset to teach you how to edit, not just how to edit one specific style *Curves will not be covered.


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When I think of Harsh Light, I think of Eden Strader. I used to be so scared of shooting in harsh light. I used to be so scared to shoot in harsh light, but now I’m always looking for it during my shoots because it really adds so much more creativity to my images. Eden goes over all the ways you can work with it, and different strategies you can use. I didn’t even know there were so many ways to shoot in harsh light until I learned from her, and now I have so many options. I’ve learned to love harsh light, and you will too after this workshop!


Where was this when I started? I’ve had so many weddings over the past few years where this would have saved me and given me so much more of a dynamic gallery. I always played it safe and found shade and didn’t know what I was doing. This video was SO helpful, I’m definitely going to try to push myself to try new things that I’ve always been afraid of!


You amaze me. The way you teach and instruct is also amazing – I feel like I just watched a life changing video. Harsh light is so scary and I avoid it at all costs, but now I’m so excited to use everything I just learned from your workshop and start finally feeling comfortable in all lighting situations – not just golden hour. You’re a genius.


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