Gone are the days of relying on Instagram algorithms or Facebook ads for leads. 

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• Are you ready to build a profitable Pinterest for less than an hour a week? 
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Here’s the bottom line–and why Pinterest is worth your time, bb: 

Pinterest brings in nearly half of my website traffic on a monthly basis. It DOUBLES my Instagram referrals. You read that right. When it comes to Pinterest, run–don’t walk! It’s time to change your business for the better. Pinterested? 

Say hello to your desktop’s newest BFF (because you’re gonna want to bookmark this one): Building a Profitable Pinterest–The Digital eBook.

Together, we’ll dive into Pinterest to build your online presence, reach hundreds of new viewers, and bring in a steady stream of sweet, sweet clients. This eBook is my step-by-step framework to building your Pinterest from the bottom up. Use this guide to start from nothing and grow to hundreds of thousands of viewers–all while spending less than an hour a week on Pinterest. 


• Pinterest 101: How to use the platform and use it well!
• Setting up your Pinterest business account to unlock insights
• How to create an engaging profile
• How your boards should be structured for optimal success
• What images you should be pinning
• How you should write captions for your pins for ultimate longevity 
• How to use Analytics to help you plan pins
• How you should be pinning, where your should be sourcing your images, and more
• A must-do Pinterest checklist, so you never waste an opportunity again!
• Board ideas for photographers, florists, makeup artists, and more


10/10! I was so scared of adding Pinterest into my workflow, because I was worried it would take a ton of time and I honestly had no idea where to even start. Eden kept things simple, explained how & why to do certain things, and gave actionable steps so in a a few months I went from having less than 1k views a month to almost 300k. I even started getting in a lot more elopement inquiries which has been my goal to book more intimate weddings and elopements. Pinterest has become the easiest part of my marketing workflow & Eden helped me stop being afraid of using it.


I love how the guide literally baby steps through the process. I’m not techy and would have really struggled to figure out things like rich pins without someone breaking it down for me. The guide is equal parts information I wouldn’t have ever even known to seek out and plain common sense that I often lose when I’m trying to tackle something new and focusing on the macro, rather than the micro. As a result, my monthly viewers have gone from like 45/month to 2.6K/month in a couple of weeks and I’m actually getting website traffic from it now. This is the third workshop/guide I’ve purchased from Eden and it’s everything I’ve come to expect from her as a teacher. I’ll continue to buy from her, in person and through online resources, probably forever.