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Are you sick of waiting for algorithms to finally change?

Want to bring in more website traffic, more inquiries, and more clients? For less than an hour a week? Ready to learn how to use the most underutilized marketing tool?


Gone are the days of relying on crazy Instagram algorithms or Facebook ads. Pinterest brings in nearly 50% of my website traffic monthly — almost DOUBLING my Instagram referrals.

Can you believe it?

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It’s time for you to change your business for the better.

Use the Pinterest platform to rebuild your online presence, reach hundreds of new viewers, and start bringing in more paying clientele!


eden strader photography’s step-by-step guide to building your pinterest from nothing to hundreds of thousands of viewers and clients. all while spending less than an hour on Pinterest weekly.

This digital download PDF includes:

  • How to treat and use Pinterest

  • Setting up your Pinterest account as a Business

  • How to create an engaging profile and set of boards

  • How your boards should be structured for optimal success

  • What images you should be pinning

  • How you should be captioning your images

  • How to use Analytics to help you plan pins

  • How you should be pinning, including software, where the images should come from, etc.

  • Pinterest checklist, so you never waste an opportunity again!

  • Board ideas for several different vendors including photographers, HMUAs, florists, and more

  • FAQ section