• Your website is the only thing you truly own. If all social media was wiped out tomorrow, would your website be able to support you?
• Have you built a professional website that SELLS?
• Or is your website sitting there as a backup in case someone wants to submit a contact form?
• Your website should be a professional meeting place for your potential clients. It’s the only thing you completely control — so it’s time to build a site that sells. A site that states who you are as a professional business, who you serve, and how you serve them. There is no platform better to convince your viewers that you are the business for them!

Are you ready?

Building a Branded Website

A step-by-step guide to building a professional website that sells.


• A 20+ page PDF guide that walks you through the three types of viewers coming to your site and how to serve them
• Each and every page your website needs to have
• What to include on each page and what to exclude
• Home page checklist
• How to create an about page that serves you as a professional
• The website map you need for your viewers
• Examples of the biggest mistakes business owners make on their websites
• And an exclusive discount code for Catalina Jean's "Seo is Fun" course


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I didn’t realize how bland my website was until I read Eden’s website guide. As a photographer your website is just as important if not more important then any social media platforms out there. It is a place where potential clients come to see who you are as business and get a feel for your brand. This guide breaks each important section of your website down. It tells you what to eliminate and what to add to make it more captivating on a professional level. I would recommend this to all photographers who are wanting to make their websites that much better! Eden knows her stuff. Not only is she an amazing photographer I personally look up to, but she is also a great educator!


Websites really are a make it or break it for your potential clients. Trust me, before I got Eden's website guide I didn't realize how important the things she talks about were. She mentions things that I didn't even think about that completely reevaluated how I was presenting myself and my brand. Whether you are a beginner building your first website or have been in the game for awhile this guide is jam packed with information that is going to get you booked more which it will pay itself back 100 times more.. Your website is your number one tool into booking more and this will 100% help you in every aspect