Sasha + Jean and Jewel, Bridal Session at Latourell Falls Oregon

Eden Strader Photography

Oregon is one of those states that truly isn't oversold on it's grandeur- it's lush, it's dreamy, and there's enough waterfalls to make you shed a tear. We made our way to Latourell Falls just outside of Portland to shoot the most perfect blue wedding dress from Jean and Jewel- Sasha, our model, was the absolute bravest and kept blazing as close to the falls as possible.

If you've imagined dreamy + adventurous bridal images, don't be afraid to get your dress a little dirty. After the wedding, photos are all you'll continually have other than your sweet spouse. You'll never regret making those images count! xx

Are adventurous waterfall bridals what you're wanting, too? Let's go together.