The Astons, Couples session at Wahclella Falls Oregon


Last week Paul and I road-tripped up to Oregon with our good friends the Aston's. If you follow me on Instagram you already know Nicole and I are together all the time, so it was so much fun to travel with our husbands as well. Our first day after the 12 hour drive we hiked all the waterfalls we could fine. We started at Oneonta Gorge and it was absolutely breathtaking- but also filled with all the tourists in the entire world. So we found Wahclella Falls online and decided to try our luck there. It was easily my favorite view of the trip. Nicole and Ammon dawned on their formal clothes to brave the freezing water. Shooting their couple's session at Wahclella Falls was so surreal. Oregon is the perfect backdrop, I'm convinced.  Hope you enjoy! xx