Chelsey and Austin, Tunnel Springs Park Engagements

Tunnel Springs is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots- it's so romantic and green, and rolling hills are few and far between here in Utah, I feel. It always seems like I've been transported somewhere else when shooting here. Chelsey and Austin were such a fun couple to run around with this warm summer-like evening- also, they are in a band together! You guys, I won't lie, I still can't get over how cool I think that is. We were greeted with a plethora of puppies throughout our shoot as well, and who can say no to a few shots with those fluffy cuties? Not me. Or Chelsey and Austin ;)

This darling shoot also features a few shots from my wonderful new associate, Zandra! She's incredible, and her work flows so effortlessly with Eden Strader Photography. Hope you enjoy! xx