Casa Cody Wedding | Palm Springs CA | Paulina and Ryan


This wedding at Casa Cody in Palm Springs was an absolute dream to be apart of.

Palm Springs was the perfect place for Ryan and Paulina to tie the knot after 10 years of being together. They wanted a Moroccan themed wedding, and Palm Springs accentuated every inch of their impeccable details incredibly. Paulina custom designed her dress herself, and it was bell sleeved perfection. Combined with bougainvillea? I think my jaw was on the floor the entire day. Casa Cody was the perfect backdrop for their day.

Paulina and Ryan shared the sweetest of first looks prior to their ceremony- it was incredible to witness their love and the celebratory emotions from their closest family and friends. Casa Cody is filled with so many spots for photos, it was a dream! After their first look we were hit with an absolute terrible storm- have you ever been to Palm Springs? You guys, it. does. not. rain. And it poured. I'm talking palm trees bending over, water up to our shins, a full blown river going through their ceremony site. I got stuck with my gear on the other side of the venue, and when I finally made it back to the bridal room Paulina ran up to me and quickly asked "Are you okay?!".  I quickly laughed since I thought my sweet bride would be panicked asked "Are YOU okay?!". She spoke about how it didn't matter, there were hurricanes on the coast giving people much more issues, and all that mattered was that they were getting married.

And that sums up this couple, and their wedding, perfectly. They didn't care about the rain, mud, or the flooded floors. They only cared about the fact that they were getting married. We waited several more minutes for the rain to clear as much as possible, laid out a few rugs for the ceremony site, and Ryan and Paulina were married at sunset surrounded by gentle rain and the cheering of their loved ones. 

Their reception that evening was nothing short of perfection, each of their details could not have been better. That head table? Still not over it, probably never will be. They had tacos, a cigar bar, and endless partying with their friends and family. Casa Cody was the perfect spot for the overwhelming romance during the day, and party in the evening. It was a perfect wedding that overflowed with love and excitement. Congratulations Ryan and Paulina! Wishing you all the happiness in the world! xx

Event Planning – Spell Bundle,  Tealight Events
Venue – Casa Cody
Floral Design – Pink Pineapple Florals
Cake – Hey There, Cupcake
DJ – Cameron Candelaria
Videography – Jon Byron
Makeup Artist – The Beauty Pair
Hair Styling – Sharon Scheible
Bridal Accessories – Rachel Zoe
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – For Love and LemonsThe Reformation
Rentals – Signature Party Rentals, Spell Bundle