Do 5pm sunsets make your palms sweat? It’s time to stop being a victim of your wedding day light. Let me show you how!

A masterful wedding photographer can handle whatever light is thrown their way–even if they have to make it themselves. Get ready to become the ultimate wielder of light no matter what the situation calls for. 

Are you ready for rainy days that force your ceremonies indoors?
Getting ready moments in dark tungsten?
Portraits at night?
First dances in a barn with nowhere to bounce your flash?
Sick of crossing your fingers hoping there's enough string lights?

Does it stress you out to shoot indoors? Not anymore. 


The Indoor + Artificial Light Workshop

Artificial lighting is about to become an ally–not an enemy. Now’s the time to dive into all things Off Camera Flash. Get ready to take on any lighting situation that’s thrown your way after sunset. Gone are the days of praying the videographer comes with a strong video light, or praying they leave every light on in the venue all evening long. It's time to take control of your light–not the other way around. 

In this online course, I’ll teach you all you need to know about shooting with artificial lighting–including light you have to create yourself. You’ll leave this course with all the tools to produce beautiful, high-quality imagery without the aid of natural light.

See what fellow photographers like Kelly Russo have to say about the course! 

"Using off camera flash is so daunting, it's another beast.. this course is for everyone who's expected to shoot in these different lighting scenarios. To be able to control (your) light is a game changer in what you're able to deliver."

“(This course) has definitely added to my portfolio as well since I can actually bring (artificial light) in and confidently say hey, I know how to do this. I don’t have to spend nearly as much time setting up because I know exactly where I’m going to be putting my flashes… it really built my confidence around artificial light. Now I’m definitely a lot more confident taking artificial light to my weddings.. And what I really liked about your course was that you talked about it in a really simple way that didn’t take a whole ton of gear.”

“The Artificial Light course is really so well taught, it’s so simple of a method, that anyone can master it. This course helped the most with just feeling comfortable in any situation.. I feel like I can go into any lighting situation I need and not stress about it.. (It) is for anyone that wants to master lighting in any situation!”


• A video diving into my camera and flash gear
• How to use aperture, ISO, flash settings, and shutter speed to create specific looks
• My standard studio flash set up
• How I use different pieces of gear to create different looks
• How I use Off Camera Flash on a wedding day
• Off Camera Flash setups from simple to complex
• How to create different looks with Off Camera Flash from moody to light and airy
• How to mix natural and artificial light
• PDF cheat sheet of settings and standard Off Camera Flash setups for reference on your next wedding shoot
• And more!


"I used off camera flash for years, but never felt like it clicked until I took Eden's Artificial Lighting course. Eden is incredible at teaching complex lighting information in a way that is simple and straightforward. I've only shot two weddings since finishing the course, and my work already improved drastically. Wish this course existed years ago. It would have saved me so many headaches and so much money! Game. Changer. Seriously thank you Eden for creating this class. I've watched it probably about five times already. Best education money I have ever spent."

- ALI M.

“I invested in a LOT of education last year... Without question, Eden’s artificial lighting course was the single most valuable investment I made! I feel confident that I am going to deliver my clients their dream images no matter what the lighting situation is. It feels like a super power (and it kind of is). If you’re wondering if the workshop is worth it - it is. Thank you, Eden."


"This course is LIFE CHANGING. Who needs the sun when you have this course."


"Eden’s artificial light workshop is an absolutely game changer for your business. I myself as a visual learner found this course extremely easy to follow and put into action. Eden makes it so simple to learn off camera flash, even if you have never had any experience with it before. I think this course is an absolute necessity for every single photographer out there."