The Saltair is gorgeous location nearly year round- Stunning yet simplistic enough to not detract from you and your lover during your session! During the summer it's warm enough to run around in the water. A great option if you'd like to look of the Salt Flats without traveling for hours from Salt Lake City. Located near The Great Saltair concert venue. 

Tunnel springs park

Tunnel Springs Park is in Bountiful UT- The perfect location if you're wanting a variety of looks. Tall fields, rolling green hills, and a gorgeous olive tree. Although the greenery is gone during the winter, it is still a great spot year round! Spring - Shorter green grass and wildflowers. Summer - Grass on the hills is brown but long and flow-y creating a gorgeous field. Winter - Fields are dead but still a gorgeous rolling hill look. 

little sahara sand dunes

Located an hour and a half from Payson UT- a $50 traveling fee applies to carpool from Payson. The Sand Dunes are stunning year round, and a great choice if you're wanting something a little different for your session!

big cottonwood canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of the prettiest canyons nearly year round- I typically suggest avoiding canyons in general during the spring when the snow is still melting and everything is muddy. Big Cottonwood has gorgeous fields with pines, as well as Storm Mountain for more of a rocky/cave look. Further up the canyon near the ski resorts is Silver Lake- This is only accessible in the summer and fall, after which it closes for cross country skiing.  Silver Lake's boardwalk brings you round gorgeous pines and trails. 

little cottonwood canyon

Little Cottonwood is a great spot if wanting a more aspen-forest look. During late summer and early fall (typically July until the first snow) Albion Basin is also open, which is full of green fields and gorgeous wildflowers. Little Cottonwood is best to shoot June-October. 

Dead horse point

Dead Horse Point is located in Moab UT. $150 fee if carpooling, $300 to meet there. This is the perfect spot for adventurous couple's wanting to explore for their session- filled with stunning overlooks and gorgeous red rock. 

studio sessions

There are many gorgeous studios through the SLC area- typically around $45-$75 per hour. Studio's are a great option in the winter or hot summer to avoid the weather, and bring a beautiful and timeless feel to your session. 

bonneville salt flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are located near Wendover- about an hour and a half west of SLC. $50 fee to carpool from SLC. In the late winter/early spring the flats are flooded, creating a beach/mirror like effect. During the summer the flats dry out creating a gorgeous white layer throughout the entire area. 

exchange place

Downtown SLC- Cute city backstreet's with a rooftop as well. Great for a more urban look for engagements! 

the capitol

The Capitol is a great, timeless location year round. Perfect for a more traditional engagement or bridal session- Memory Grove is also directly across the street if you'd like to add in some variety with greenery as well. 

antelope island

Antelope Island is located around 40 minutes north of SLC. $40 traveling fee. Rocky landscapes and beach areas. Best during winter and early spring- Antelope Island is nearly unaccessible in the late spring and throughout the summer due to bugs. 


seasonal and other locations

  • Provo Orchards- Beautiful in the Spring, $20 entrance fee. 
  • American Fork Canyon- Perfect in the winter (specifically after a fresh snowstorm) and during the summer. $6 entrance fee. 
  • Alpine loop- Open only during the summer and early fall- Gorgeous aspens and pines, with scenic overlooks throughout the canyon. 
  • Greenhouses- Great alternatives for green during the more dull winter months, entrance fee's vary from $25-$75 per hour. 
  • Squaw Peak- Provo canyon, beautiful during the summer and early fall. Early summer provides gorgeous wildflowers through the field. 
  • Spanish Fork Canyon- Rolling green hills and red rock. $45 Traveling fee.