Finding your artistic voice in an industry full of crutches. 

Hey you. Yes, you, staring at the Instagram screen admiring all these beautiful shoots with mountain backdrops. Table-scapes in the desert. Golden hour for days. In our world of overwhelming images and photographers, it's easy to rely on the next big "trend" to make our images look beautiful. But what if we strip all that away? Take away the dreamy backlight, the Tetons, the over flowing bouquet. That's when we find YOU. Your voice. And that's what this workshop is all about. 

First. Let's talk details. 


When and Where? 

MARCH 17TH AND 31ST SOLD OUT. Please keep an eye out for next years workshops!

What will I need?

You'll need to be comfortable with your camera/equipment, as well as basic editing knowledge to edit your own images. You'll need to be willing to get a little uncomfortable and try new things with your art. You'll need a good attitude, and be ready to find YOUR voice to create a unique vision. 


How much?

One payment of $600 or two payments of $350.

What's included?

  • Presentation and open discussion about finding your voice in a sea of photographers.
  • How to get your work to stand out and speak to your ideal clients.
  • Two gorgeous editorially based wedding shoots that will challenge you to toss away your crutches and rely on your skills and vision. Bridal session and Couples session.
  • Lunch (Cafe Rio, obvs.)
  • One on One time with Eden to review your images, talk shop, Q&A, whatever your heart desires.  



Beyond capturing moments for my clients, I am SO passionate about creating art. Art that is YOU. That's your voice. That reflects your clients in an individualistic way that cannot be copied. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gorgeous backdrops, elaborate setups, or overflowing florals (in fact, I love them all). But often times we use these aspects as crutches- they keep you from creating a vision or using your voice, because you know with those ingredients your images will be pretty enough. I don't want "pretty enough" to be enough. We're going to push ourselves to go beyond these industry and shoot crutches, to create artwork that is ours. 

We'll be using concepts beyond props or backdrops to create images that speak to your soul- going over lighting, posing, composition and color. These shoots will be wedding specific, with one Bridal based and the other with a gorgeous Wedding Couple. We'll walk through using the aforementioned concepts to highlight your subject and your voice, and how to push yourself with posing when you don't have a huge bouquet to rely on ;) Though we won't have your typical macrame backdrop, these shoots will be gorgeous, unique, and will help your portfolio stand out from the rest. 

I'm ready to take my portfolio and skills to the next level. How do I sign up?

Let's do this! I'm so excited to work with each and every one of you to help progress your skills as artists. Because I'd like to make this a very in depth and personal workshop, I will only be accepting 10-12 attendees. If you're ready to take your artwork to the next level, fill out the form below! I'll be in touch promptly to get your spot officially reserved. 

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